When it is useful to request a MSO

There are cases when requesting a MSO (click here to make a request) is a wise and proper decision, such as:

– When a serious disease has been diagnosed or when patient’s life is at risk: in both cases the anxiety experimented is disruptive;

– When a rare illness is diagnosed;

– When the diagnosis is dubious thus creating lacerating doubts;

– When quality and quantity of diagnosis tests are considered inadequate, excessive and expensive;

– When the patient is not sure or does not agree with the diagnosis or therapy;

– When a therapy properly undergone has not given the expected results or has caused few annoying and considerable collateral effects;

– When diagnosis tests or suggested therapies are considered dangerous or excessively (and not necessarily) expensive;

– When severe surgery is proposed;

It may be useful to remember that the great majority of medical scientists are in favour of medical second opinions, as long as they are correctly required, since they acknowledge the importance of this instrument as a valid and useful help in their profession.
Quite often, doctors appreciate very much to get in touch with such high level scientists of recognised expertise, this representing an important and useful opportunity of cultural exchange.

Richiedi una MSO
Per richiedere una Medical Second Opinion è necessario raccogliere alcune informazioni di carattere generale, cliniche e diagnostiche, al fine di consentire allo Specialista di esprimere il proprio parere ed inviare la relativa relazione medica.

Tuoi dati

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Documentazione clinica e diagnostica

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Sintomatologia in atto al momento della richiesta

Terapie in corso

Analisi effettuate recentemente

Perché si richiede una Medical Second Opinion

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